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Data Handling Policy - JEDHub Survey 2022

The obligation to protect your company's data is taken very seriously through the implementation of policy and technical security controls and processes to ensure the information contained within your survey return is safeguarded and used only for the purpose of analysis in support of the publication of JEDHub products, including the Annual Economic Report (the “Purpose”). Access to the survey data will be restricted as set out in this policy.

  1. All data contained within the survey returns will be aggregated and anonymised by the JEDHub portal and made available through an access-controlled area of the JEDHub portal to UK Government and a limited number of MOD authorised UKDSC direct hire employees who manage and maintain the JEDHub portal on behalf of UK Government (“UKDSC staff”). Access to the data will be strictly for the Purpose, except for the Defence Growth Partnership (“DGP”) companies, as set out below.
  2. All survey returns are protected on a secure JEDHub portal and only accessible by MOD staff in the Industrial Programmes team and named MOD analysts to enable Quality Assurance and a detailed descriptive analysis of the anonymised returns to be undertaken. Should MOD require additional support to complete quality assurance activity, UKDSC staff analysts may provide support. All work undertaken by UKDSC staff, if required, will be on a dedicated computer (accredited to OS) and supervised by MOD staff in the Industrial Programmes team.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, such as a technical fault or systematic error, MOD Industrial Programmes team will grant UKDSC staff access to anonymised returns for the purpose of technical support. This support will be time limited with access being removed once the issue has been resolved. Similarly, should there be a need for specified UKDSC staff to undertake maintenance of the JEDHub digital infrastructure, discussion and approval via the Industrial Programmes team will be required, and access will be reviewed frequently during the period of maintenance.
  4. DGP Companies Only: To generate the number of indirect jobs supported by companies in the DGP, named BEIS analysts will have time limited access to anonymised DGP only company data covering turnover, employment and purchase data under MOD Industrial Programmes supervision and at a physical Government premises.
  5. No disaggregated company data will be published or disclosed for any purpose in line with the Code of Practice for Statistics.